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If you’ve ever done a search for web-based case management software, you’ve likely realized that there are a lot of different types out there. Some are made for large practices in mind while others are more ideal for small or solo practices. Some are ideal for corporate-based defensive cases while others are more ideal for personal injury practices and plaintiff practices.

One question we often receive here at Case Pacer is regarding the nature of our plaintiff-based approach to case management. How is plaintiff-based case management software different from legal management tools that are more generalized?

The answer to that question has to do with the benefits plaintiff-based tools offer. As a plaintiff practice, your cases follow a natural order and process that’s uniquely different from other types of cases. Plaintiff-based management platforms operate around that natural order, emphasizing the documents, steps, and proceedings plaintiff attorneys must follow. Your resulting case becomes as streamlined as possible—with a reduced margin for error.

To provide an example, plaintiff-based case management tools like Case Pacer provide benefits like these:

Customized Document Templates

As a plaintiff attorney specializing in personal injury cases, you need certain specific documents for each of your clients. You’ll find every one of these pre-loaded document templates and more in plaintiff-based management systems like Case Pacer. If you end up needing a document template that isn’t loaded, all you need to do create or edit a custom document or ask our support team for assistance.

Mass Torts Tools

If your firm handles mass tort cases, you’ll appreciate the fact that Case Pacer now lets you complete, print, and export documents for multiple mass torts clients with ease. Our document management tools are also some of the most user-friendly you’ll find out there. Ease of access matters to our team.

Medical Record Integration

One of the documents any personal injury attorney will require when completing a case is their client’s relevant medical documentation and medical records. With Case Pacer, you can import these documents using a simple in-program tool that’s integrated with Express Medical Records.

When it comes down to it, a plaintiff-based case management platform like Case Pacer is made for you in mind. If you’re looking to manage plaintiff claims more efficiently, you should look no further than Case Pacer. When your law firm can efficiently manage every step of every case you encounter, you have more time to reach out to new potential clients and take on additional cases.

To learn more, get in touch with a Case Pacer representative today. We can help you up your legal practice’s game and accomplish a few of those goals you’ve set out to tackle this year.