vrsus is a new company built upon the foundation of its predecessor, Case Pacer. Case Pacer was originally designed to provide plaintiff attorneys with a case management system that helps them administer their cases in a more streamlined way.

Our foundation

Case Pacer’s founder, Kevin McCarthy, was a beloved member of our community and a thought leader in the business. Tragically, Kevin was killed in a horrific auto-accident in November 2016. Following Kevin’s tragic passing, new leadership was brought in to carry Kevin’s legacy forward.

Case Pacer was also re-branded to vrsus. The new name reflects the reality that plaintiffs’ firms need to leverage the power of the entire bar. By building a platform upon which all firms can more effectively and securely cooperate and collaborate, vrsus will harness the power of all of us, working together.

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Reimagining case management

vrsus has reimagined how case management should work. The underlying technology should create value for each individual firm by facilitating faster, more effective resolutions for your clients, but should act as a platform to also connect firms co-counsel, Plaintiffs Steering Committees, and external resources and partners that help them seek justice for their clients. vrsus enables collaboration, coordination, and communication throughout the ecosystem, and consolidation of all efforts into a single, unified platform.


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