Have you felt the stress of finding, creating and sending the proper letter, requests, etc.? Rest easier, vrsus’s automated document creation will simplify this for you!

Document Creation Wizard

The Wizard comes with 85+ preloaded templates ready to use including:

  • Settlement/demand letters
  • Complaints
  • Arbitration confirmations
  • Discovery
  • Medical record
  • Deposition requests
  • Defendant responses
  • Invoices
  • Claim release letters
  • Billing statements
  • Reports
  • Retainer letters
  • Witness questionnaires
Legal Document Creation Wizard

Document Templates for Plaintiff Lawyers

A large portion of vrsus’ legal document creation templates are ideal for plaintiff lawyers, supplying all the court orders and documents a plaintiff attorney needs to take a case all the way to settlement. Templates for all types of legal cases can also be found within the vrsus platform.

Legal Document Creation Templates

Create Custom Documents in Seconds

Once a template is loaded, all you need to do is fill in a few information fields and the document will automatically complete using data you’ve already entered into vrsus about the case. The legal document creator is also able to reference past documents entered into the system, automatically filling in as much information as possible – including your firm’s custom letterhead and logo.

Legal Document Creation Software Example

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