Plaintiffs’ rights are under siege.

From legislative initiatives to limit damages and cap awards, to stricter personal jurisdiction rules and numerous attempts to disparage the trial bar, there has been a steady march towards the elimination of fair and impartial litigation.

vrsus is here to help you fight back! vrsus is a new kind of platform, allowing for the entire plaintiff’s bar to act in concert, to create uniformity and discipline in the ways firms interact with each other, to share information in a highly secure manner, and to leverage the collaboration and communication that already exists throughout the bar. Built on the foundation of CasePacer’s robust case and firm management capabilities, vrsus facilitates a much deeper connection amongst plaintiffs’ firms and the resources they all utilize to pursue justice for their clients.

Join us in moving to a new future, where the plaintiffs’ bar acts as a unified force, to repel those who seek to eliminate justice for people who’ve been harmed. It’s time to band together and fight as one.


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