Mass Tort
Imagine a world where the plaintiff’s bar acts as a unified force, uses information to its advantage for more prompt and significant resolutions to MDL’s, while neutralizing the better-equipped defense in order to pursue justice for its clients.

Identify duplicate cases

One of the greatest challenges with MDL’s is resolving duplicate cases. With vrsus case management software, identify clients at the point of intake and/or before filing suit that have already retain counsel. This minimizes the admin burden resolving these issues with other counsel and eliminates the spend e.g. medical records for duplicate cases.

Cloud-Based Law Firm Software Example

Uniformity across cases

With vrsus, PSC’s can create uniformity across case files, such as building standard plaintiff fact sheets, short-form complaints and others.

Case Management for Mass Tort Example

Work together effectively

By leveraging a common platform, PSC’s have access to the MDL case inventory and can select the best bellwether candidates based upon key case characteristics.

Mass Tort Software Collaboration

Request info and share updates

PSC’s can request additional information about plaintiffs and receive information back on the platform, share updates with both handling and advertising firms and provide general updates on the status of the MDL to all subscribed to the MDL.

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