Having our own experience in working with plaintiff firms and case management systems for the past several years, we recognize the natural limitations that come with existing case management.

Collaborate with your network

To reach successful resolutions for clients, plaintiffs’ firms often interact with an established network of other organizations, including co-counsel firms, PSC’s, ADR companies, and numerous service providers. Other case management software systems only focus on managing your internal needs, ignoring a large part of how you operate every day.


Consolidate into one digital platform

External interactions need to blend seamlessly with your firm’s own operations. As it stands today, there are a litany of case managements systems available that don’t communicate with others, preventing these natural business connections from being leveraged. vrsus seeks to empower the plaintiff’s bar, to help them better collaborate, coordinate, communicate both internally and with other firms and external resources, and consolidate all activities into a single digital platform.


Resolve cases more efficiently

vrsus has reimagined an environment where plaintiff firms don’t have to rely on multiple systems, spreadsheets, e-mails, and written correspondence, etc. to manage their business. vrsus is the industry’s first secure, cloud-based system to aggregate all of this activity onto a single platform. We have created this platform to help firms resolve cases more efficiently, increase revenue, accelerate case velocity (time to settlement), and position your firm for growth. Most importantly, vrsus is designed to help plaintiff firms secure justice for their clients by neutralizing the advantages of the better-equipped defense.


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