How do I access my documents?

You can easily access your documents on your own computer or by logging into your vrsus account.

Is vrsus compatible with an accounting software?

Yes, vrsus integrates with QuickBooks.

Am I able to create custom templates in vrsus?

Yes, any document your Firm currently uses can be imported into vrsus for use as a template. You’ll also have hundreds of templates right out of the box.

Does vrsus have to be installed on a server in our office?

No, vrsus is a cloud-based software that you can access on any device, anywhere.

How am I able to track the status of my cases?

vrsus has many reports that allow you to access information regarding a specific case as well as your firm’s entire caseload.

How many users am I able to have?

You are able to have as many users as you need. We do not limit users or charge per user.

Does vrsus guide me in moving my case from one phase to another?

Yes, vrsus has a patented tickler system that moves your case through the different phases resulting in a more timely settlement.

What type(s) of cases does vrsus support?

vrsus is built to support any type of case or matter.